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Very well so there are two threads, one I think forked from the other

Promoting more RP in the group – by Xavier
Making TSN RP more engaging – by Nhaima

I see a lot of resources in the TSN Data Network that appear to not be utilized and I haven’t actually seen much role-play on the ships (although to be fair, I haven’t had that much experience of the Lancer). In fact the only ‘role-play’ I tend to see at the moment is limited to the Scramble-brief (I hesitate to call it a Mission Brief but that’s because of personal experience). It’s true attack formations are used but aside from that everyone appears to be concentrate on winning the game (and not dying).

It may be that the TSN was much more USN focused way back and a great deal of progress has been made and I know it’s certainly not my place to demand or recommend this or that be changed/added/removed but I hope that it is within my gifts to ask for information where we’re currently at if we’re ‘at’ at all.

I’d like to ask if a formal standing order has been created (do we have a collection of those anywhere?) with regards to these two threads, do we have any measurable objectives. Is there any progress to more ‘role-play’ missions as Nhaima has suggested? Is this still a direction that the Fleet Captain wishes to pursue? Has anyone thought about encouraging additional ‘small scale’ GMs to work with individual ships for smaller missions/story-lines?

Honestly I’d have preferred to ask quietly and behind the scenes but we seem to be missing a DivHQ!