Reply To: Cataphract- class Cruiser


Cataphract 0.2.1 changelog:
More node type changes (things I didnt notice I messed up)
Point Defence batteries dropped from .25 damage to .1 damage, cycle time dropped from 2 seconds to 1 second.

Ordnance loadout tweaks.

DXS file:
SNT file:
Raw ship data:

<vessel    uniqueID="2"    side="0"       classname="Cataphract Class" broadType="player">
    <art     meshfile="dat/Cataphract.dxs"    diffuseFile="dat/artemis_diffuse.png"
             glowFile="dat/artemis_illum.png"    specularFile="dat/artemis_specular.png" scale="0.2"/>
    <internal_data file="dat/Cataphract2.snt"/>
	<!-- Weapons and Shields modified (1/4)-->
    <shields front="28" back="22"/>
    <performance turnrate="0.0035" topspeed="0.6" shipefficiency=".6" warpefficiency=".8" jumpefficiency="1.1"/>
  <beam_port x="0" y="8.35" z="1" damage="0.25" playerdamage="8" arcwidth="0.05" cycletime="15.0" range="1500"/>
  <beam_port x="0" y="8.35" z="1" damage="0.25" playerdamage="3.75" arcwidth="0.275" cycletime="5.0" range="1000"/>
    <beam_port x=" -1" y="8.35" z="0.34" damage="0.25" playerdamage=".1" arcwidth="0.55" cycletime="1.0" range="500"/>
    <beam_port x="1" y="8.35" z="0.34" damage="0.25" playerdamage=".1" arcwidth="0.55" cycletime="1.0" range="500"/>
    <torpedo_tube x="4" y="2" z="3"/>
    <torpedo_tube x="0" y="2" z="3"/>
    <torpedo_storage type="trp" amount="6"/>  <!-- Homing"-->
    <torpedo_storage type="nuk" amount="1"/>  <!-- LR Nuke-->
    <torpedo_storage type="min" amount="2"/>  <!-- Mine"-->
    <torpedo_storage type="emp" amount="2"/>  <!-- EMP"-->
    <torpedo_storage type="shk" amount="8"/>  <!-- Plasma Shock"-->
    <torpedo_storage type="bea" amount="2"/>  <!-- Beacon"-->
    <torpedo_storage type="pro" amount="4"/>  <!-- Probe"-->
    <torpedo_storage type="tag" amount="1"/>  <!-- Tag"-->
    <engine_port x="0" y="-9.22" z="-300"/>
    <engine_port x="0" y="29.64" z="-300"/>
    <engine_port x="-111.755783" y="-44.202168" z="-242.740082"/>
    <engine_port x="111.755783" y="-44.202168" z="-242.740082"/>
    <engine_port x="0" y="97.875313" z="-181.449524"/>
    <long_desc text="TSN Fighter suppression Cruiser^2 Fast Point defense turrets, 1 Heavy Beam, 1 Inertial Cannon^2 Torpedo tubes^Stores for 1 nuke, 6 homing, 2 mines, 2 EMP, 8 PShock.^Battle hardened systems and redundant shield nodes."/>