Reply To: The Bar, 2219-2237


“One gin tonic,” says Raiden as he enters the bar, wearily.

*Beeb bop* disagrees the replicator with the request.

Raiden raises his eyebrow. It seems that every sentient race in the known universe at certain point in their evolution discovers some form of intoxication. And for all of these races, there is one drink in common that every one of them mastered. Gin and tonic is a sure bet when someone encounters a new space-faring civilisation be it in the core regions or at the very end of the Great Galactic Arm rim worlds. It can be said that even water is more scarcely drank than gin and tonic, on a galactic scale.

How the bloody Skaarans pronounce it… gee-N’N-T’N-ix
*Beeb bop*

jinond-o-nicks *Beeb bop*
*Raiden sighs and closes his eyes.

jynnan tonyx Bub beeb bub


Raiden takes his drink, walks across the bar to the farthest corner. Jokingly salutes at
Matsiyan, nods at Vaj, his new direct officers on aboard the Viper that he got successfuly transferred to. Ignores both females chatting away heartily at their table, never brave enough to talk to women unless circumstances allowed it. Sits down with his back to the crowd and pulls up his datablet. Time to study the stellar cartography of this region and some new combat maneuvers.