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Fish Evans

stands and half turns to Donovan

With respect to shooting down surrenedered vessals, I do not think we are anywhere near that point. The nice thing about space is that its realy quite big, if we are found, we move, even if we have to skulk around the outside of the system for a month or two as we atemept to locate the jump point I think we can make it quite hard for them, and whilst we are NOT blowing them up we stand a better chance of comeing to peacefull relations with them. Its risky but I would surgest a mission to the rendevus point that we went to talk to them last time.. a single ship perhapse not even a TSN ship as I will explain in a moment. peace is preferable to pew pew.

We have a Hijordan task force with us.. that is both a benifit and a curse.. in the event we have to return the long way around unless we are willing to leave our allies.. Its going to take not years at warp speed but the best part of a decade at high impulse. The Hijordan do not have warp drive for one very simple reason however…. The Hijordan have stealth technology that is significantly ahead of our own … ever wonder why we only see cruisers? It comes at a draw back however – No Denabite fule containment fields, meaning no warp drive. I am sure they will be willing to help us improve the steathyness of our ships and shipyard, its posible that one of the cruisers has a full stealth suite onboard as well and that could be very handy for getting to hard to reach places. Its a shame the full on cloakning device also precludes gate travel.. a Hijordan Super Dreadnaught squadron is something to be very very afraid of even if your a TSN Battle Division! but I digress..

With reguards to finding the location of the jump point unless we happen to stumble apon a quantom signature we are going to have to take many readings at many locations to piece togeather the topography of the area and narrow down the likely locations. Probes will help here but they need to be launched a ways from our base or they will to easily be tracked back to us.

Donovan I agree whole heartedly with your sentiment on ration reduction, we should take steps towards it yes, but I feel the moral not to mention the reduction in the physical ability of crew that will result from going all the way to survival levels is too great, at least until we have exhausted the imediate posibilitys. I would say we start rationing at full rations imediatly with Luxury items at the descretion of the CO and CMO (I have heard that Dr Hosman has survived … so dont think sick call is going to be an easy option!).

Of more imediat concern.. I think we should re-locate any surviving Sensor bouys, and if posible find a way to move the gate some where secure.. we are going to need it and if the Remains try disasemble or open fire on it… the consquinces are going to be serious for us.

consults his tablet….

thats all my prepared comments. thank you.

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