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nods in agreement

If we move to another sector in search of resources and to avoid obvious pursuit by Rumarians as Wilcon suggests, we need a Rumarian response policy as Donovan implies. In the new sectors where we wish to establish mining operations or fallback positions for repair and resupply from our remaining assets, we should consider a harsher stance: Surrendered Rumarians to be boarded with intent to learn language, decode/extract/interpret any data stores, interact with those willing to talk but not to let any Rumarian vessel exit the sector. We would host any Rumarian remaining from surrendered ships, perhaps in their own life pods if our biology differs significantly. For other sectors, we could release surrendered Rumarian vessels.

gestures vaguely towards the local map

We all want to return to known systems. However, we must face the very real possibility that we will remain isolated in the Arcturus system for an extended period of time. We must plan for just such a circumstance. We cannot emulate the Flornix of Danae prime and bury our sensory organs beneath the regolith.

These are my ideas. I defer to the wisdom of the group and to the directives of the Fleet Captain.

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