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Zac Turnez

What mandate? We have no mandate here. We were dragged to this universe by accident. There was no plan of action, no orders, no outline of our objective or position in this universe. What we DO have is our oath to the TSN – our TSN.

I will never turn from the right path, never follow fear, never enable an injustice.
I will stand in truth, serve with honour and fight with courage.

We’ve taken part in operations that have aimed to kill innocent people. When the Fleet Captain was here, he did everything possible to stop that from occuring. He knew the consequences of his actions, and so did all the Senior Officers who are being detained now.

To sit by an allow the ISN to continue exploiting the Caltrons and supressing their own people, we are breaking our own oath. Its not a question of one weapon or another, but a question of its use… in our own universe or in this.

We cannot hide behind politics, legalities, or our desire to return home and use them as an excuse not to do what is right. Our oath doesn’t just make us swear to protect ourselves, but protect anyone from an injustice. The TSN exists because our officers first laid down their lives to protect others who were under threat and unable to protect themselves.

Turning to address Quinn

Look at the evidence we have before us and the facts. The TSN we have met in this universe… look at what they have done so far – attacked us when we have threatened innocent civilians, rescued our officers when they’ve been in need, cooperated with us when we’ve needed to cover our tracks. We don’t have to join them, but we can seek their help.

And if you are worried about choosing a side, we cannot sit neatly on the fence in the middle. We cannot make it home on our own. By staying in the ISN we ARE choosing a side and making it hard to achieve virtually anything. We are also allow an injustice to continue.