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“I’m not asking them to fight the TSN for money. Quite the opposite, in fact. It has been suggested that we join the TSN, and I continue to reiterate that I feel that should be a desperate choice of last resort. To do so embroils us in this universe’s politics in a way where we have actively chosen sides rather than simply trying to make ourselves whole and return home. To choose sides here constitutes an act of war which far exceeds our mandate and forces policy choices on our TSN and the USFP we swore an oath to protect, and actively making enemies of a power from another universe when passage between universes is possible undoubtedly violates that oath.

“And personally, I don’t really care if they have Caltron technology beyond perhaps the ability to bring that understanding back to our universe. It is simply a weapon, and is no more or less horrific than a fusion warhead which we routinely use. Whoever it kills is still dead, but such a death doesn’t seem inhumanely painful or awful to warrant preemptive action. Sure, it alters the balance of power in this universe. Sure, it’s in the hands of people we all seem to agree are cartoonishly willing to commit acts of barbarism. But a moral objection rises from their targets, not the methods, so it doesn’t really matter.”