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Zac Turnez

If we start requisition surplus supplies, it won’t go unnoticed long. We’re already under heavy scrutiny – that damned Commadore seems to show up everywhere. With the ISN holding multiple fronts and staving off a civil war at the same time,I am sure they’ll be questioning every single torpedo and energy cell requisitioned.

Hamilton has gone AWOL. She is probably headed to make contact with the TSN forces we’ve encountered. I doubt they’ll let her just walk in and join them without interrogating her first. However, she might just convince them to let her join. With the way the ISN operates, I wouldn’t be surprised if it isn’t the first time and officer has defected. If she does, she might be a way to make contact with them. We need all the help we can get, and so far they seem to have been the ones who have tried to kill us the least.

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