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“Of course leaving the ISN is an inevitability. Our primary objective should be returning home. But why wait to start siphoning off resources? Let’s start that now, and also distribute things into caches located off-base so we can access them when we leave. We just continue requisitioning as much equipment and materiel and saving what we can. Offer some of that as payment to information brokers on Azure Legion detention facilities or the whereabouts of our senior officers. And use those transactions as the basis for good relations going forward, on a transactional basis.

“In the mean time, we keep pursuing intel leaks from INI and the Azure Legion. If we can find the whereabout of one of their ships, then we capture without destroying some pirate vessels or make sure some from impound get marked for the scrap heap and fly those out so we can attack the Azure Legion ship with plausible deniability. We board it, we download their computers, set it to self-destruct, and then sift through the new data to find out either where the Fleet Captain and the rest current are, or where they will be and hopefully the transfer orders.

“All the while, we let this TSN know we aren’t in it for their revolution. That the relationship for the time being will be a transactional one, and that we have a line of credit we want to call on. They don’t get anything from us until they help us identify the location of the senior officers.”

She turned her head towards Quinn more directly and slightly tilted it.

“Is there anything that you disagree with factually, sir?”