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I hope we are talking at cross purposes somehow, Nhaima. I am in total agreement that we need to get home with our ethics intact. But please bear with me, I have only just been woken and have arrived on shift much earlier than I expected. I have read the initial INI brief drafted by Lt. Cdr. Hall and Excision’s log. I have reviewed the partial audio log of the engagement. (We need to tighten up copying ALL intership communications to the comms relay, whether broadcast or direct.) Nowhere is it recorded that there was an order to purge the civilian station populations or destroy the stations themselves. If that order is not on record then we do not have to try so hard to evacuate large populations. Simply having thousands of migrants flee the sector is not a solution. Where will they go? How will they survive and avoid further Imperial scrutiny? If an order is on record that we might be required to go back and enforce, then I propose we revise those records.

Otherwise I support the idea of Scolcha having been infiltrated by a crack team of operatives who lured in and took over 3HG vessels and damaged the rest. 4HG have completed a security sweep and validated remaining population identity and clearance. Some residents fled in the heat of the engagement.

Am I on the same page now?

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