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Adele Mundy

Mundy nods.

From what I’ve been able to find out in the past two shifts, I can confirm that our counterparts have taken part in similar operations before, with no objections appearing on their records. That means there are no reasons to suspect them of rebellious motives – well, no more reasons than the amount of suspicion and paranoia that seem to be standard in the Empire. So as long as our story is well-constructed and plausible, we should be able to get away with a reprimand.

Fleet Captain,
Mundy adds, turning to Xavier and deliberately using the TSN rank
I need to warn you that the Group Leader has a reputation for being unusually tolerant of non-humans, to the point that 4th Hunter Group has become known as the unit you send “xenophiles” to when you want to be rid of them. “Xenophile” is an insult, by the way, Sir. The mildest of many.

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