Reply To: New missiles

Adam Parra

Sorry, I guess I should explain:
I went to Mike’s playtest/pot luck party. It was a lot of fun. He made a cheat sheet for the Beacons. But he wanted people to see if he could figure them out. Also, all missiles look like drones now. If is solid, its a drone. If it flashing, its a missile. You can not shoot down missiles. I am pretty sure all three will make it into the game. He wanted these missiles for mainly for scripted missions. There are not a lot of use for them in siege mode. I think in border war and deep strike the probes will be useful. I would like to see what the gm’s in this community can do with these new missiles.

Also, I got to play 2 new scripted missions. I really liked the tournament one, it tracks the amount of ship you destroy and penalizes you for loosing ships and bases.