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Adele Mundy

Personal Log, Supplemental.

We resume our normal service… Or something skilfully pretending to be normal, anyway. Shooting requires a deliberate effort to lower the heart rate and steady the breathing rate, which does wonders for fooling the brain into believing that normality has been restored. It’s a bit like lying to yourself, I suppose. But if you know you’re lying to yourself, you know the truth anyway, so it doesn’t count as lying.

Back to last shift’s events: after completing our repairs, we proceeded to the Danae Gate, only to find it was malfunctioning. An exchange with CiC led to an N’tani ship coming to our rescue to activate the gate from the other side, and we were able to witness the Zolmari Dreadnought come through. Viper approached her and effected the personnel transfer we needed. Two groups of Piranhas and a Biomech Stage 3 livened up the proceedings somewhat, especially when the N’tani ship decided to go and investigate the Biomech at close quarters, but we avoided the Piranhas, dealt with the Biomech, and returned home with no further incident.

We concluded the shift with sims aimed to improve our performance in working as a group. The idea was to defend our bases against large enemy fleets, paying particular attention to tactics that would taunt enemies away from bases. I suppose we didn’t do too badly, as our bases weren’t destroyed. Personally, I made so many mistakes on Weapons… I loaded the wrong weapon type, so had to unload quickly and reload the correct one; I was slow switching frequencies; I was slow switching from auto to manual beams. I suppose that’s what sims are for. But dammit…

[Sound of something slapping desk]
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