Reply To: Forum Mission


I don’t remember which one petered out, the last one I see is the planetside mission. That one did get a little rushed at the end I think since we were trying to wrap it up before the next shift, but if it were allowed to function then I think we should be fine?

Things I think we should talk about/agree on some level about:
What sort of mission do we want? (planet-side/space-side, combat/exploration/etc.)
Do people feel comfortable with the general level of progress with each post? Some times I think that people sometimes do a lot in one step, but by the same token other people might think that I should be doing more per post than I have been.
What sort of tone do we want for the mission? Realistic, pulp scifi, heroic, gritty, etc.
How much deference should be paid to characters with a higher TSN rank, versus not making assumptions of other characters?

We’ve done this a few times now. Having a check in about our assumptions and preferences seems like a good idea.