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Couple of notes here – first we’ve gone a little off topic.

Every ship we have in the fleet is now equipped with one shuttle, and I’d like to use it as a utility ship for missions and general operations. As every ship has a shuttle, I need standardised names for them which can then be used in the mission script so we can interact with them. The fighters are another matter to be decided on at a later date. However, as they will not really be used for utility and therefore won’t need to interact with the script, how we name them is much more open.

In terms of operation of a shuttle, I see one officer taking the shuttle (science/helm most likely) and one officer taking that position. For example, helm takes the fighter, so the science officer steps into helm. I wouldn’t want to see the captain taking primary roles like helm though, particulalry if they are leading a battlegroup. Technically, everyone ranking ensign and above should have basic proficiency in all consoles, and higher ranking officers should be good on all consoles (if not we’ll have to look into this carefully).