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I think the way forward is to change the efficiency of systems, instead of giving infinate energy. From the tests on Saturday, energy was still something that had to be managed carefully, however it didn’t seem to dominate as it does now. We still had to pause to refuel, and travelling at high warp consumed a noticable amount of energy, but as we were more efficient, other critical issues came to the fore, such as damage and damcon casualties, overheat and ordnance supplies.

Such issues have been overshadowed by lack of energy as we are either continually redocking and resupplying damcons, energy and ordnance, or withdrawing from combat instead of fighting for extended periods and therefore having to deal with more damage or loss of damcons.

Ultimately, I believe increasing efficiency could be the best way forward and will enhance our gameplay, rather than detract from it. Of course, I want to be sure before proceeding and making the change (even then, we can always choose to reverse it), so will be trying it out with different crews to see the impact and get feedback.