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Thanks Nhaima! It is really useful to have that piece of info. I am going to take a bit of time to go through and check out what bits of the enemy can be modified. I think I know some parts, but they are split between the vesselData and artemis.ini file.

Once I’ve done that, I’ll start thinking on how to make the enemies more challenging. I am thinking at the moment, it would be good if a small escort of Kraliens (3-5) would be a match for a ship, if not two if they are the heavier ships. There are three classes of Kraliens, and I think three or four cruisers should be able to fend off a TSN light cruiser at least. A dreadnaught, a couple of battleships and three or four cruisers should pose a significant threat to a couple of TSN light cruisers.

What do you guys think? At the moment a the formation above takes a light cruiser a few minutes to clear with little to no difficulty.