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Fish Evans

Caltrons are very much new.. as such we dont know that much about them.

the official information is as follows,

They come from another gallelxy, they have been linked to an artifact that is several million years older then the terran sun. they are totaly artificical in nature – no biological mind is behind them. they get smarter the more of them are in a sector, small groups are dumb, larger groups will start using some rudimentry tactics. The TSN have made some advances in scrambling the Caltrons targeting system – either causing the caltron to single out a target or to lose all intrest in engaging targets.

Caltrons Will be expanded on over the next year, we are working towards a full season that will concentrate on the whos whats and ifs. the mission a few weeks ago was aimed at a little exposition, testing the current balance of them and setting up some posible levels of support we might get from our frenemys. (we didnt do too good on that frount, we are a pretty bloodthirsty lot it seems! still we didnt bust out compleatly and theres some intresting plot points that may come out of this *waves @Matsiyan*

anyway back on point… Speculation I like.. keep things fairly vagu though becuase if im totaly honest we havent settled on a course yet with them and its posible even some of the officail TSN Scientitsts are talking out of there airlocks.

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