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I think a difficulty increase would make sense thematically, since we are a light division, after all. We should probably be doing raids on enemy supply lines or intercepting enemy scout forces or at most hit-and-run attacks on fortified positions to test them, but the fact that we are able to take out huge swathes of enemy forces, including multiple bases at a time, never really sat well with me.

Story-wise, perhaps the difficulty could even open us up for some interesting coordination with the rest of the Second Fleet. A fleet of powerful NPC capital ships duking it out with equally powerful enemy ships would be a great setting for our division to try to act as a scalpal, rather than the club we’ve been up till now.

There is something to be said for momentum, however. Being able to quickly move on from target to target in a fight, while repetitive, makes for pretty fast-paced action. It will be hard to find the balance between difficulty and frustration, but I’m certainly in favor of testing the waters.