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Adele Mundy

Personal Log, supplemental:

Apparently, it is The Immemorial Custom of the Service that every time personnel goes planetside, they catch some kind of lurgy. Medical science is amazing, and all that, but can it prevent the Common Cold? No, it cannot. That’s why it’s still voiddammned common. I suppose living in such a clean environment on base and on ships makes us all much more susceptible to the viruses that still plague human populations, but dammit, I hate being quarantined, and I suspect I may have to wear suit and helmet for this shift, just to keep the rest of the crew safe.

//Thanks, Blaze. It struck me after the Con that several of the game scenarios were really examinations of what it means to take power, to have power, and to exercise power; with all the moral implications that go with that. And there we were, just thinking we were having fun!