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//I think for the most part our community has been self-selecting, as anyone who doesn’t fit our culture tends not to return after seeing how it works. I think we all had stressful or embarrassing cadet shifts (I’ll never let Blaze live down his reverse mine incident :P) but we enjoyed the style of play and wanted to get better at both our stations and our discipline.

//I think it’s easy to forget when we get a new player who has experience with Artemis from playing outside the TSN that our style of discipline takes a lot of getting used to. I wasn’t there for the cadet in question, but the fact that he wanted to come back as another character and give it another go makes me think this is something he’d like to get better at, in which case perhaps we should go easy on him. Van Leigh’s debriefs are always constructive and rarely personal, though, so I’m not too worried.

//Of course if you feel that someone is abusing the patience they’re receiving and not even *attempting* to grow as an officer, I would hope a senior officer would pull them aside and ask them to straighten up and fly right before they cause any additional friction.