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Adele Mundy

//I agree that the first shift as a cadet can be overwhelming (I freaked out completely on my first shift – made worse by hardware problems, and if Matsiyan hadn’t been there to sort them out I would never have come back), especially on an unfamiliar station or as a complete beginner; but you say this guy knew what he was doing, so leaving the station locked is a deliberate action. It sounds petty and childish.

I don’t see how you could blame yourself, though. No, I can, because I do that too; and since I wasn’t there, I can’t comment on the actual events. But from my experience of you as a commanding officer, your orders are clear, your manner is calm, and you do follow cadets more closely than experienced officers so that they can ask questions if they need. So maybe this is just one of those things that happen, and it’s probably best to discuss it among senior officers to decide what to do about it.