Reply To: Combat Training Toolbox


Straight away, there is another thing to discuss – do we wear headgear with systems attached at all? Perhaps something akin a bluetooth headset that simply hooks around the ear, or loops round the back of the head. It could have enough small technology packed in to give immediate communications between officers, a visual uplink (i.e. a mini camera), maybe even a small “Google Glass” like prism or screen in front of the eye. Or would we want the eyeline clear and have the information on a handheld device (the mobile phone style data pad).

I think in terms of weapons, we go for small, handheld weapons that can be carried and fired with one hand. I like the phaser weapons in the remake Star Trek (the films) but don’t think we should go for a carbon copy of them. These designs look pretty awesome:

Concept Art – Weapons Designs