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// The simulation with the insane numbers was totally my fault. I started noticing that a lot of the siege sims we were running at level 10 were going extremely fast (less than 15 minutes), so last week I kicked it up to level 11, which worked quite well on a siege map. But trying to mix things up a bit, I selected the border war, and I was in shock about how many ships were generated.

Although, this brings up an interesting point. I’m curious if the fleet finds it more interesting to have more regular ships (non-boosted), or fewer boosted ships. I think having more ships forces us to think quickly to respond to multiple incoming fleets. However, I think stronger enemies forces us to think more tactically to defend ourselves more. I’d be interested to hear some feedback on the types of sims (non-GM controlled) that everyone likes. We definitely seem to be able to handle level 11 simulations, so I think it’s just a matter of tuning the settings a bit at that level.

Also, I like Mundy’s suggestion about having more allies to work with in the simulations. The last couple I increased it from “lots” to “many” to give us a few extras to work with. I think it adds some interesting alternative missions and tasks to do.