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Fish Evans

So looking at the above I have concocted the folowing profile for the Hjorden

Species: Hjorden
Type: Insectoid
Preferd Climate: Jungle/Humid warm environments
Sovereign Identity: The Hijordan Democratic Monarchy.
Population: ~25 Billion
Systems: One Primary System, Three Known Colonys+ Home Planet. 3 Further Known systems with 1 Colony each.

Physical Apperance:
The Hjordans are an advanced space faring species. Though they are smaller in stature then most Humans they have 4 arms and two legs, they are industrious and very sociable amongst their own kind. there four arms mean they are skilled builders.

Government System:
There system of government appears stable although it is somewhat bizarre when compared with most space faring species. They have blended Aristocracy with democracy. The Legislature (lawmakers) are democratically elected. however the Judiciary (law enforcers, judges) are all hereditary and headed by a reigning monarch, the stability of the system has only been kept by the tradition and legal requirement that the children of the Elite are given up at birth and put into the state creche and orphanage system. the growing elite are not told of their aristocratic heritage until several years after reaching majority (15 Earth year equivalent). This means that the people that they judge, and rule are from strata of society that has helped form them as individuals. A further balance to this odd system comes in the fact that they may only take mates from the “Common” population.

Further the Aristocrats are restricted in profession, they may only enter into occupations in the public service sectors.

“Pure” Research

Technology Profile:
they have particular expertise in electronics and and are notable in that they have cloaking technology though it is hardly ever seen. They have developed their own gate system whitch interlinks with the TSN.

Diplomatic Relations:
The USFP and Hjorren are on moderately friendly terms, Hjordan Cruise liners and cargo ships are often seen on the trade route between Hjordan and Port Arthur. Hjordan Civil ships are permitted throughout the USFP Sphere of influence, Hjordan Military craft require permits to travel inside the USFP however these are freely issued especially for the purposes of escorting Hjordan traffic though the less secure Cerebus, Promethean and Krisanda systems and the accompanying waypoints in Galactic sector 91.

The Hijordans are fairly secretive, they view the USFP as a potential threat to them and their culture and tend to compartmentalize a lot of information being very careful what information they share. Having said that they have shared their cloaking technology with the USFP. Unfortunately the mechanics behind it would cause a complete collapse of any Warp core or Jump matrix with a catastrophic consequences if the device was even installed on a ship.

Conversely the USFP feel that the ijordans would make excellent new members to the USFP. and the Citizens of the USFP have made the Hjordan homeword a prime tropical destination for adventures individuals, the Hjordan themselves view this with amusement and annoyance, however the economic benefits are significant for the relatively tiny Hjordan economy.

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