Reply To: The Hjorden


The taunts lead me to believe their home habitat is swamp or jungle (or the hellish combination of both that is the Yucatan). This would explain why OCD cleanliness is highly desirable and aristocratic; because it is very rare. Also that would explain the desire for elegant architecture and design as a contrast to the chaotic nature of the environment. This inclines me to think of them in terms of Mayan lords; clean, refined, cultured, scientific, artistic, ruthless. Perhaps a bit Art Deco/Futurist. Possibly they have a superman complex, but are friendly to the USFP because of our tech and design, but struggle to understand us because of our egalitarianism. They could feel very smug catering to our ‘baser desires’ for nature oriented vacations and products, which they would regard as a sign of inferiority. Taking that to extremes, they might be in favour of body modifications, tattoos, depilation, and cyborg enhancements and/or eugenics, biosculpt, or other forms of bioengineering, though the cleanliness fetish might predispose them to electromechanics rather than biosciences.
Any of that useful?