Reply To: The Hjorden


This is almost reminding me of the Hydrans , in regards to the Kingdom styled government anyways.

-Aye, I like the Aristocratic and [Monarchy, or Oligarchy] nature.
-Judging from the interest in cruise liners and transports, and the less-then-interested stance in things, perhaps they are more of a self pleasure/mercantile enhancement (not mercenary!) attitude in their dealings.
Example: Show them deference and graciousness and they’ll be willing to trade for some exotic/unique items. They’ll flock to pleasure resorts, and/or perhaps have a vice for gambling and tournaments like the old Earth nobles?
-Perhaps in the tournaments/games themselves they see this as a form of ‘relations’? Do they duel for honour?
-Status and rank might mean a great deal to them, and as such they have lower classes and those unable or unworthy are not capable beings in their mind?
-That would lead to the home-world being highly stratified, if not well maintained and pristine. A garden world, if you will, full of serfs labouring to keep it that way, and the nobility enjoying the spoils and protecting the lower class in exchange.

So to sum up: A kingdom with a stringent nobility class, more interested in their own amusement and well-being then anything else. Not sloths to be sure, but pretty much as if we took 15th century Humans from Europe, got rid of religious non-sense and pure monetary greed, and put them in science-fiction kit?

Anyone have other ideas though? Or is this a decent start?