Reply To: The Hjorden


I was wondering who they were myself. They’re not even listed in the vessel database, so I have no idea what kind of ship they field.

Ship design choices are a minor thing to go off of though eh? Reckon some general questions need to be thrown out, so some answers can be made and formed into something coherent.

My questions:
1.) Why is this species non-aligned, yet friendly in the first place? Government/Religious/Technological/Species incompatibility or something? (Overused, I realise, but just knowing what to work on is a starting point for relations stuff.)

2.) Where is their home-world, and what’s it like? That alone can let us in on how they are and behave. (Is it a polluted husk it once was, or is a desert or frozen world, or many moons orbiting a gas giant or the gas giant itself, for example.)

3.) What are their ships used for, and how are they constructed? Bio-engineered? More emphasis on defence then offence? Are they even symmetrical?

4.) What level of technology are they at, compared to the USFP? (Most of the non-aligned seem to be either slightly better or slightly worse, but I mean distinct differences.)

Heh, I’m asking too many questions now. But the main thing we should know though is what role are they to play, and what do you want them to do?

My two creds.