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I’ll remove stellar phenomena and wrap it in to astro-physics then. The stellar phenomena was supposed to be about finding and understanding new phenomena whereas astrophysics was about stuff we already know. I guess the two different ones are not needed though.

I have removed software engineering from the details. I need to remove it from the list. It is basically the same as computer programming.

I looked at the spreadsheet and the additional modules added at the bottom,so thought I would comment/ question here about it. First up,beaurcracy amd admin. Not sure what use they would be on active duty or how often they would get used. Can anyone suggest what it might be used for in an RP situation, or give a similar description that is in the main guide? The same goes for logistics and trade. How might those be used in an RP situation?

Marine tactics seems to be an odd one for a starship officer to study in my mind. Spaceship combat tactics would be more appropriate, but then would focus on coordinating attacks from a bridge. I dont think we necessarily need that though for the purposes of the forum RP. I am going to try and focus on scenarios that dont require a ship to be flown (we have Artemis for that). I do think we need some combat training, but I think it should be focused around defending against boarding parties.

I am also thinking along the same lines with other modules like toxins and demolition. Potentially, knowing about toxins fits with the medical knowledge anyway. Demolition seems odd as we would just blow stuff up with our primary beams if we needed it destroyed, or improvise where necessary. I can’t see us as bridge officers being in that kind of combat situation, and I would doubt we see much combat action planetside, not to the extent of the marines anyway.