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Ensigns Personal Log,
Crewman 1st Class Berkins approched me as ships Leagle Officer today,he vouchesafed to me that Lt Garmin Dockside was offering to help smuggle various contraband on board TSN Osiris, by tridition most luxury items are ignored, however apparently the Lt can get his hands on a number of recrationl drugs. I have approched Captain Alice and surgested a sting opereration which she has approved.

I am to act as go between for my self and the Navel Security Deparment. I worry that we have put him in danger Lt Garmin is in a position he can monitor comeings and goings to the Osiris and the other division ships with ease, still with hundreds of bits of cargo and personel moveing daily perhapse I am overly worried.

Captains Mast tommorrow for my first time, Ive read up the proceedures and looked over the cases Master at Arms Gemma Xue has brought. One case of intoxication, one case of AWOL and two cases of afray amougst the lower ranks. of the three the AWOL case could easily be droped.. but I cant deny the captain the … uh amusment of hearing Able crewman Ethan Snerks reason for beeing 3 days Overdue from leave.

Crewman Snerks is not the brightest person, a good worker.. but he got invited to his girlfriends wedding… well ex girl friend.. he rather thought he was getting married.. only to find out he wasnt got compleatly bombed when he realised had a bit of a dust up between him and a few others, he woke up 3 days later in hospital. missing his transport back and had to wait for the next one.

Beeing AWOL is normaly a serious offense but I think he will be let off with some extra duties. asuming the captain sees the funny side of this!

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