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Heh, too many games, not enough time. Lame excuse, but that’s my delay for today.
Been thinking about my other half species, and when it came to names, I had to remember, that this species lives in water and the air. So, normal vocal sounds might not exactly have been useful half the time.
Instead of doing something odd, like say dolphin echolocation, because that wouldn’t be good for story, and I’m not trying to make some overpowered character, I’m going to go with more of a whales song. They literally chant out of water to communicate and it travels well underwater.

To that end, I think Solari’s character voice is going to be low and almost hum-like when he speaks words. Especially since he’s not full on Human. That also means the species name would probably be tonal, and needs a ‘Terran’ translation. When I say tonal, I mean basically a musical scale would be on how it’s pronounced. Like Gregorian chanting.
Ha, that’s the Terran name for them: Gregorians. What do you reckon about that? I realise it’s close to Arvonians, but many species in sci-fi have held similar sounding random names.
Anywho, onwards.

Stardate: 21.08.2237
Duty Log, Ensign Solari, TSN Hydra BC-016, 4th LD

Almost a week since we arrived back at Atlantis command. The events of the *redacted* at the *redacted* are behind us.
The Hydra has been once again in a fair state of repair ever since the, shall I say, embarrassing, live fire exercise almost made her a wreck. The captain was none the pleased to be sure. Details of the *redacted* ships were re-created a tad too much.
Of note: The people at R&D, if able to create such replicas for training, may want to consider using such ships as decoys, for the TSN in future engagements with the *redacted*.

With the Hydra out of action temporarily, we did not participate in the last mission. Rumours of something to do with Arvonians and negotiations are abound. The Humans call it scuttle-bread, I think? Whatever the case, progress with them can only benefit the USFP, if this is true.
For our part, the Hydra instead performed more simulations, under our XO, Lieutenant Verok. The Captain is hopefully taking note of his performance.

On the whole, pirate activity increased slightly. This is…puzzling at times. It seems no matter how many the TSN engages, the more seem to loiter and harass ships in this sector. I just hope it’s not related to the *redacted*.

Last note: Our ships roster is still out of date. Then again, I doubt it will ever be current. Some TSN officers seem to come and go at random assignments.

End duty log.

Personal Log:
Prototype construction has been ongoing with my uniform. Project Dune, some of the Humans call it. I do not know what a dune is, beyond a mound of Terran sand, so I’m confused on how it relates to water retention. Remind me to research this further.
Back to it though, the closest I can compare this invention to would be like having an outer circulatory system exoskeleton. Something called catch pockets as well?
However the prototype is a tad bulky under a standard TSN uniform. I think I have a rash on…no, never mind.
I’ve also suggested replacing some of the material with some more water porous or absorbent. At this point I wonder if I should just wear a wetsuit, with a water-skin tube and be done.
But I have to thank all of the engineers who are putting their free time on this endeavour of mine. I believe it might be Human custom to find a rare alcoholic beverage for them, sooner than later.
Let’s hope the waters are calm as the next duty cycle approaches.

End personal log.

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