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Still here.
I’ll be writing a log post tomorrow (my time, heh.) Expect this to be my usual thing. One log a week, every Thursday, unless something huge story-wise happens.

For that though, I had a request of sorts. Been calling my non-human half, nothing. ‘His species’, is getting me nowhere, and I was keen to finalise the other half’s name.
Xavier, do you have an amphibious species already named and not set in stone as to the details? I’d ask for suggestions from the people in the division, but um…yeah caltrops? No repeat on that for me, hah. [Off-note: Didn’t even vote for my own recommendation. I voted for ‘The Swarm’ once I saw it. It just simply sticks out as to what they are in general, not just the ships, in my little opinion.]

Anywho. If not, I’ll submit some names with my log; but you all can share ideas as well please. After that, I’ll give a go at making the full species profile, as my project for a tad.