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Just spitballing here, now that I’ve caught up on the previous thread and now this thread. I think having a small character sheet in a subforum would be appropriate, with the short character motivations that Matsiyan mentioned, plus the attributes that Xavier is mentioning. That way, everyone can refer to it and can address other people based on their known attributes, not just the GMs.

I think these attributes or skills or whatever they end up being could scale to your rank as well, with higher rank officers being more experienced and therefore either having more points in a specific skill (specialist characters like Graybeard) or a diverse range of different skills (generalist characters like Slate). If we end up going this route, you’d obviously want at least one skill that corresponds to each station, in addition to whatever roleplaying effects they would have outside of a ship (using Xavier’s example, I would guess that an engineer would be better at hacking a black box than a helm officer).

Say for example when I was a cadet I got 1 point in all skills and 1 or 2 to add on top of that for character customization. Then, when I passed my Ensign exam I added 2 points in the skill that corresponds to my primary station (piloting for helm), and 1 point for my secondary (mechanics maybe for engineering). As I advance through the ranks, I would get more points to put into other skills and I could either decide I want my character to become the best pilot around and dump them all into piloting, or maybe I want to put myself on the command track, so I put them into a command skill or something.

This may not be the best way to go, of course, because you would never want to be put in the position where someone is roleplaying an incredibly charismatic leader with tons of points in the command skill who demands to be in command of their own ship during the shift, when in actuality they couldn’t command their way out of a level 1 sim…

If we do end up going this route, here’s a quick proposal of skills to workshop:

  • Command (Captain, XO)
  • Piloting (Helm)
  • Heavy Weapons (Weapons)
  • Mechanics (Engineering)
  • Perception (Science)
  • Persuasion (Comms)

For roleplaying other scenarios, especially ones off of a ship, we’d probably want to add other skills like athletics, light weapons, a computers/hacking skill, xenobiology, medicine, a skullduggery/sneakiness skill, contacts, and other skills necessary for a sci-fi RPG.