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I think having some structure to our character in terms of designing them would help us when roleplaying. After reading the design system in FUDGE and mulling it over a little, having the system of attribute, traits, gifts, faults etc would be really useful to help us all with the decision making process. We could quite easily tailor the names of them to our universe e.g. Security clearance. That way, we could avoid situations where someone comes in with “security clearance second only to the admiralty” kind of thing.

The way to present it to new players could be as simple as putting in a post about guidelines and character creation. So you have to first design your character and have it OK’d/ tweaked by a GM.

Keeping these on record would help GMs to decide the outcome of you actions too. So if someone who is only trained to a low level of expertise in software engineering tries to hack into a black box (something that has also come up in the bar I think) the GM can just reply with the story equivalent of “congrats, you broke it”. It would also mean that you could turn around to the character that actually does have the higher level of ‘software engineering’ and ask them to hack it, in which case the GM can say the story equivalent of “congrats, you’ve just discovered x, y and z.”