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That’d actually be the best approach, Mundy. We try to do something/want to know something, and then make the case for why we should succeed.

Example: Due to solar winds moving an object through the Poisidon Rift, I try to calculate exactly where we need to be and when to interact with it. I have a background in astrophysics, so this should be right in my wheelhouse. (Yes, I know I’m making a mockery of astrophysics)

This approach would also allow to call BS on someone without having to wait for GM ruling if they’re starting to get ridiculous: The Kraliens are doing something suspicious? I pull out a commlink and call King Kralien on his direct line. He’ll talk to me because we’re bros and I’m so bloody awesome.

Also, Xavier, I want to hear you say “ain’t.” I’m having a hard time hearing it in my head.