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General layout of the conference –
use italics for “actions” e.g. Xavier scans the data pad in front of him on the table (tags <em></em>);
use bold for speech You know our situation at present. (tags <strong></strong>);
use the // symbols for OOC chatter.

In terms of the Manticore, I think using the GM forums to come up with ideas would be the best bet, so those who are running the missions can more closely direct the story line. This is where stories should be developed in the dark (i.e. away from general forums). It helps keep certain people informed of what is happening and allows people to chip when necessary, or when they have an idea too. I don’t mind opening them up for anyone to take a look and jump in (depending on what the GMs think too). I was considering how to restructure the GM department so that it is clearer about how it operates (e.g. a lead GM for a story arc, how other GMs should help out, how information is communicated to officers, how non-GMs can contribute etc), but it is something I need to discuss in more depth with Fish.

And honestly van Leigh, I know you love jumping on a ship at any opportunity! “Someone’s been shot? Quick launch the ship.” or “The toilet is out of order?! Quick, prep the Hunter!” Any excuse! 😉