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Been hammered with RL projects. My stories might to have to wait a while.
But, here’s a short log for a review, anyways. I decided I’m going to go for a human/(amphibious) species. Perhaps I look like a Star Wars Nautolan, sans the head tendrils? Should be interesting.

Stardate: 06/08/2237
Duty Log, Ensign Solari, TSN Hydra BC-016, 4th LD

Simulations. Simulations. And more simulations.
Our Fleet Captain has been out of the division for a tad. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say someone is planning something. Or maybe they’re finally promoting him to Commodore?

Whatever is going on, it’s been quiet besides from another two ships from our division on another assignment last duty shift. No information was officially released on it, so I’ll as Humans say, keep aunt about it. Correction, mum. I’ll get these idioms someday.

Nothing else to report, besides the XO getting some Captain time. I’m finding simulations with him to be almost enjoyable. If he ever decides to go for a command, well it might be a good thing in my limited experience as an officer.

Still no results for tracing the pirate hacks to the newer systems functionality. Luckily, our simulations have shown no degradation to the Hydras ability to perform our duties. Personnel wise, Lt junior Luna will be leaving our ship. Re-assignment, such is the life in the navy. Note to the ships Yeoman, update our roster. It’s out of date.

End duty log.

Personal Log:
Having some difficulties with my fully Human bunkmates on the Hydra. My species requires some time in the water, and anything above Human room temperature becomes almost, intolerable.
Instead of being as Humans say, a mammal out of water, I’ll have to see if R&D can modify my uniform to fit my needs. Perhaps a water filtration/cooling system?
I’m sure my fellow officers would appreciate not having the shower allotments taken up any more.
And a note to the galley. Yes, I do eat seafood. I’m half Human after all.

End personal log.