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Adele Mundy

– 2235 Adele Mundy applies to TSN academy and is accepted

Eventually, a proper evacuation of Exemplar Science Station was organised. Monitoring equipment was left there to watch the ruin that was Paragon, and to alert the system in case of a further attack, but otherwise the station was decommissioned and abandoned.

I returned to my Library assignment so that I could formally resign in person. I had legal and financial matters to settle, and I did so. I paid market price for Gadfly to reimburse her captain. I contacted a local branch of the law firm the Mundys had used for years, and once my claim was established I arranged for all remaining Trafalgar Tech holdings to be placed into a managed trust whose profits would fund transport, resettlement, education and medical care for the Paragon refugees. I kept my last salary payment from the Library. Then I went to the TSN recruiting site and applied to the Academy.

– 2237 Cadet Adele Mundy is assigned to the 2nd Flt. 4th LD

The life of an Academy student and cadet is not so singular that it requires much description. One is presented with new challenges, with new subjects to study, and a new structure to life and social interactions. The study and analysis of structure had been part of my training; I adapted. It was strange, after the Library, to find the majority of my colleagues younger than I was, but the Academy succeeds in creating an atmosphere that fosters camaraderie. I made some good friends there, and when we were about to graduate I knew that I would miss them.

It was a pleasant surprise, therefore, that when I left the Academy as a Cadet and was assigned to the Second Fleet, Fourth Light Division, in Promethean Sector, I found that Conrad Matsiyan had been assigned there also. It was good to see a friendly face – and to know that whatever happened, there would be good coffee somewhere in the division.