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Adele Mundy

//By the way, this:

“//Hmm… Just got an idea. Perhaps one of you lot who constantly write personal logs would like to role-play having one or more of their logs leaked out to the division? That could make for some interesting talks. 😀”

//This, this is precisely the reason why when things became personal, or involved the safety of the Division, Mundy switched to using the Memory Palace. If it isn’t written down anywhere, it can’t be leaked.

// I know there’s that unwritten RPG rule, “if your character has a Secret That Would Be Doom Or Disgrace If It Became Known ™, make sure to tell at least three people about it in the first hour of the game”… But dammit, that would be far too easy for you. Besides, Mundy actually has told her secret to the people who were in the bar a couple of sessions ago! So, if you want some of Mundy’s logs leaked, work for it: tell me how it happens, and who is involved, and why.