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In terms of the data tablets, I was envisioning them being military issue. They would all therefore be the same. The modification would be to the actual display itself, particularly when in off-duty mode. Imagine the way you can have two identical iPads (or SmartPhones or other tablet computers) and, even though mechanically they are identical, they are very much individual based upon the layout of the screen, the apps downloaded as well as how it is used.

The data tablets themselves would be pretty sleek (thinking modern day high-end tablet) with an “edgeless” touchscreen as the main interface. There would be no sockets or ports as recharge would be through the induction technology being introduced now (or perhaps even the wireless recharge that is being developed).

I like the idea of them being different though, and matching up to people’s real life computers. Thinking along those line, perhaps the ones issued at the academy are simply older versions that full officers used until the tech aboard ship was upgraded. When new data tablets came out, the front line ships were issued them, and the ones that were being replaced were refurbished and sent down to the academy. Still having it when you leave the academy can be explained by saying that “it works, so why replace it”. Basically, you will get a new one when they all get updated to new tablets. Until then, the tech guys can keep things up and running relatively smoothly.

Where were droids mentioned? Need to look into that.

For breeding, I envisioned eggs being taken and fertilized with genetic material from both parents before being implanted in the mother, or if that is not possible a surrogate mother. As for a stigma attached to it, because of the whole Unukalhai war, it meant that not accepting or tolerating inter-species breeding is very much frowned upon. If citizens of the USFP wish to cross breed, they have a right to do so and are protected by law.