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In response to Vaj,

The bit about helm saying specific actions is to do with the more immediate situation. A captain can’t call a mine drop as accurately as a helms officer should be able to for example, and it is much easier for helm to indicate who they are aiming for when maneouving on combat. When I am on helm for example, I am always thinking about where the ship will be positioned and where enemy ships will be, not where both are at that moment in time.

The idea is to give helm that little bit more freedom to be creative and clever with their flying. Of course, it doenst mean the weapons officer switches off. If helm calls a mine drop and weapons sees a friendly too close, they should hold fire technically. Just as weapons automatically switches target to destroy a drone, or can make the decision to use manual over auto targeting.

I have been working on a revision of the combat orders and attack patterns and I aim to include some details on manouvring that helm officers could use to better position the ship, though a tactical document on advanced helm, weapons, engineering, comms and science roles might be more suitable.

I do wonder for example, how many comms officers are currently able to form and effectively use allied combat ship groups (ie neutrals). Or how many really think about directing neutrals to safe zones, which may even include off the nearest sector edge, rather than around enemies and minefields to a base (note, neutrals sent off the edge of the map count as safe and not destroyed in the solo and coop games – out of the battle space = safe ship)