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I would say, key information should be put across as if you are directing it to the captain. Though other officers pick up and act on it, the captain needs to know everything that is going on to make a decision. I know when I captain, all I am focusing on is the information flowing from the crew and my captain’s map. As you do so, consider how vital your information is and make sure you are stating things clearly. Though to be honest some small snippet of information that seems irrelevant could potentially be vital (though it is rare).

Other officers will respond automatically to what is going on anyway I think. I always feel that helm should be doing plenty of talking, they call out targets for weapons as they know how they can move the ship around, they call out for manoeuvring etc.

The one thing I always say though is act on the captain’s orders. No one else should be giving orders, just communicate information.

I recall in the past (quite some time ago now) an engineer shouting to take evasive action because we started taking damage. Now I knew we could take the damage and destroy the enemy, but helm got confused and pulled out. It meant the combat was extended, and we took more damage than necessary. What should have happened is engineering should have reported damage, helm be ready to pull out, but my order to continue the combat not contradict direction from someone else.