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Ah the alpha release will be a closed release, a public beta release would be in early 2016. I’m not sure if we will do Early Access or not, it really depends on our finances (if we really need the money) and the state of the game (if it’s feature complete).

On each turret the white bar is the current charge. When it is full the turret can fire.

The problem you are thinking about with nodes, while interesting, does not exist. Engineering sets how much power each node gets. So lets say the “Forward Left Thrusters” power node is getting 3 MW of power per second. If both turrets, T1 and T2, are active they will each get 1.5 MW per second. If however the tactical officer disables T1 then T2 will be getting the full 3 MW per second.

Here is an older picture of Engineering:
In that picture each of the four turret/weapons nodes (the nodes with the three bullets icon) is getting 3 MW per second.

Science/Comms isn’t ready to show yet, but as soon as it is I will post here.

I know it’s difficult to give good feedback with just these static images, but what you can give is very helpful to me.