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I like Matthew Vaj’s name “Levels” a lot better, so as not to confuse them with the already established “Ranks” system.

We could do something more creative with the naming. Instead of just changing a number, we could just change encapsulating marks
Level 0:
[Ens] Matthew Vaj | Eng
Level 1:
[Ens] Matthew Vaj | (Eng)
Level 2:
[Ens] Matthew Vaj | [Eng]
Level 3:
[Ens] Matthew Vaj | {Eng}

I would imagine that, if level is implemented, that it would only be for primary. As if you are at another station other than your primary, you would put @ station;
| Eng @ Hlm
| (Eng) @ Wea
| [Eng] @ Sci
| {Eng} @ Com

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