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Adele Mundy

Braddock, I like your ideas too. I don’t know how feasable the console training is, I would like to be able to train more – I keep thinking that if I played a bit outside the TSN time, it would help, but that never happens, because of life and work and taiko. So I just don’t get any extra practice.

I like the ribbons idea too. Speaking as one of those players who ran around Paragon trying to collect the plaques and badges, I feel a profound affinity with Muttley (if anyone reading this remembers the cartoon).

I also agree that respect for superiors is part of the game. We can joke in the Galley (though sometimes I wish there was an extra step, so we could have an OOC room (the Docking Bay is for new arrivals, but something like that), an informal IC room like the Galley where we can be more light-hearted, but stick to RP topics even when we’re joking, and the formal Briefing Room as now) but from the Briefing Room to the ships we ought to be in officer mode. That’s what makes disagreeing with your captain difficult, and what adds to the captain’s responsibility.

I think the RP adds greatly to the game.