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Now we have had a chance to try them out, what do people think about the new ship types?

Feedback that I have had so far is that the couple of tweaks to the valkyrie clasa made noticable difference to the style of play with that ship.

In terms of fleet command, I felt I could make use of the light cruisers more easily as I knew they were capable in combating the threats posed. It was suggestes that Phoenix and Valkyrie are paired up and Raven and Apollo were paired up to balance the battle groups in terms of the range of beams; Valkyrie and Raven having longer range. The way I organised it though was based on command experience,with Verok being a capable battle group commander leading one battle group.

I have had a chance to update the descriptions and match up all the stats now, so we need a quick update to the vesselData file next shift.

At some point, I’ll look at more varients as they seem to have been successful so far.

So, feedback on the ships appreciated!