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Thanks Fish, that is extremely useful to me. Even just hearing how you perceive different elements is great.

Some answers:

The Tactical radar plane is set to the ship’s plane, so as the shup rotates in space Tactical will see the contacts rotate around the ship. The ships rotation speed is fairly slow, so you won’t have a situation where contacts are spinning at high velocity.

I may add the ability to rotate the radar, I’ll experiment with that.

You will be able to adjust the radar display range.

You were spot on in regards to the contact shapes being filled, that gives an indication of the scan strength on that contact. The scan strength is determined by the contact’s energy signature (which is mostly comprised of heat) and your ship’s sensor strength. Science can use a combination of active scans and probes to increase the sensor strength for an individual contact, or in an area.

The higher the scan strength on a contact the more data you can get on it, and the more accurate your weapon locks are.

If the scan strength is low enough then the contact shows up as unknown. If it is lower still the contact doesn’t show at all.

Energy signatures are mostly heat, but the other large contributors are shields and long range sensors. Long range sensors are like periscopes, they give you vital information but you want to use them in short bursts to avoid detection.

I have been working on targeting since. I feel I may be causing some confusion by posting pics of the UI too early, so I will wait for a more complete version before posting one again.

Thanks so much for the video.