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No, don’t stop. That was great. 😀

It’s fantastic to hear feedback from a seasoned player.

All of the empty space will be filled, I just wanted to get feedback on the radar and contacts list here.

The radar and contacts list have the same functionality effectively, the contacts list allows you to find and target ships/stations/other if they are not easily identifiable on the radar (like when contacts are bunched too close together).

Available turrets will be listed on the left hand side. When you hover over a turret it’s firing arc and range will be displayed. I’m not showing them all of the time because it would be even worse than Artemis, UNION ships multiple turrets located around the hull of the ship.

Scanning range will be the same as Science, but the weapon range will depend on the type of each turret. You will be able to lock targets which are outside of your weapons range. You will be able to set the radar’s range, to have it view a smaller area.

We will provide lots of feedback on what is hit, with blips on the radar, sounds, and a combat log (which can be toggled on and off). The combat log will have a history of who has hit what in your scanning range. Furthermore all ships will leave wreckage, and these will be displayed on the radar (debris contacts can also be toggled off to avoid clutter).

The bottom left will be a picture in picture display, which can be set to any of the ship’s external cameras (one for each side of the ship, and one on each turret so you can see exactly what it is tracking and firing at). At present we are not planning on having any floating cameras, as we think having them attached to the ship’s hull adds to the feeling of realism. This picture in picture display will be on all of the role UIs, to keep everyone in and aware of the action. We may also add the ability to display other things there, like a ship status overview (structural integrity and such).

I do like the idea of screen shake, we will experiment with that at some stage.

The UI is being designed for both mouse and touch screen use (there is a good deal of space between buttons to allow for touch). There will also be customisable keyboard shortcuts for as many actions as possible.

Thanks again for the feedback!