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@Dante Zelreich: Sorry for the delay in getting back to you, it’s been a hectic week for me.

One of our goals is to give each role an active experience. What I mean by that is each role should never (at at least as little as possible) be completely idle, with nothing to do.

For that reason we decided to merge Science and Comms into one position. That allows us to really layer the gameplay experience so that they are active most of the time.

I promise that we will balance this experience so that it is not overwhelming. I would really love to talk about all of the different functions of the Science/Comms position, but I do not have enough time right now. I will do a write up on it sometime soon.

In regards to the First Officer, other than a title what is their practical role on the ship? I could add the ability to add custom “Command Roles” to a server, which have no attached gameplay but which can be taken by crew members (or assigned by Captains), just like any other role. So you could add “First Officer” as a Command Role and then it would be available as a role on all crews in that server. What do you think of that?

I would really like to join you guys for a game of Artemis some time. I am not available this weekend though. Do you play every Saturday? I could book myself in for next weekend maybe?