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Blaze Strife

Love the idea.

One of the reasons I had Blaze stabbed was to try to move everyone from simply drinking the week away. Things happen even when we’re not on the shift, and we can experience it through forums. That way, even us who cannot play for a few weeks (as it is currently, I might be away for 2 or 3 more shifts), can still RP with you on the forums.

A few ideas/guidelines about the topic:

  • in a formal meeting, rank and protocol must be respected,
  • what is said in the meeting can bare consequences, positive or negative (think before insulting or attacking someone),
  • each post should answer a question,
  • each post should include a question that would allow easier continuation of the discussion,
  • posting from different time zones and life occupations means we can’t lead dialogues (on the forum) very well, so each post should cover almost everything an officer has to say about a topic.